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What is INLIFE for Good?

Insular Life is Inlife!

To be Inlife is to be inspired. To be inspired means to be able to enjoy the present while taking charge for what tomorrow may bring.

2017 we celebrated our 107th anniversary, where we officially introduced our newest corporate tagline – Inlife for Good.

Inlife for good is more than a tagline. It is a mirror of what we stand for and what we do as an organization.

As we reflect on our role in the community, these past one hundred years of service have given us the perspective to look through our core and find that our business – that of securing lives, providing peace of mind and security to families over generations -- is inherently good for policyholders, the community, and our country.

We have always shared the bounty of our blessings, the joys of our success and the prosperity of our business to efforts that uplift the individual, the community and the nation, for the common good, for the higher good.

We recognize too, that as a Filipino company, we are here to stay; we are here to journey with our people no matter the circumstances, no matter the challenges, no matter the obstacles. We are here for good.

Insular Life, indeed, is Inlife for Good!

Inlife Background

People and Talent

Keeping InLifers
for Good

InLifers make us a 100% Filipino-owned insurance powerhouse today. Our employees lay the groundwork and tirelessly persevere for our 107-year legacy to endure.

In 2017, InLifers rode the waves of change without losing sight of the loyalty, pride, and motivation that make them a league of their own.

Digitalizing employee experience

During the year, we embarked on digital initiatives to improve our employee engagement and talent development in the Company.

One of these digital initiatives is I-CON (Innovate, Communicate, Optimize, and Navigate), our uniquely branded human capital management system. I-CON helps fulfill our vision to become a high-performance organization and ensure we have a single system across all touch points. The single platform allows us to leverage the power of data by mining employee information and real-time HR insights that would aid management’s decision.

Using I-CON is a significant step towards achieving our aspiration to become the first fully digital insurance company in the Philippines. This comprehensive and centralized HR system helps the organization overcome challenges in these areas:

Since it was rolled out in the fourth quarter of 2017 across our offices in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, I-CON has already started to benefit nearly 800 InLifers. Key to the high adoption rates was the unwavering support of our business group heads to adopt and promote the system to their teams.

From launching I-CON’s base system with HR modules such as HR Foundation, Employee Life Cycle, and Workforce Administration, we have expanded the use and adoption of the system. We are now integrating other key HR functions such as performance management, training management, talent acquisition, succession, and compensation planning into the system.

While embarking on a digital transformation journey with InLifers, we have also started to introduce a new e-learning experience in partnership with agency training.

Getting the Right People and Skills

We believe in creating the conditions in which our employees can offer their capability and full potential to serve our policyholders better and help InLife sustain its success. This is why we rolled out several fresh initiatives in 2017 so our employees can feel more pride and loyalty, not just about working for the organization, but also for being a great advocate of “InLife for Good” to our policyholders, agents, and other stakeholders.

In 2017, in addition to hosting annual sports activities and supporting interest clubs, we also provided more avenues for InLifers to bond with their teams. These include reviving a long-held tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in our offices, and holding frequent town hall meetings so our senior management can share InLife’s vision and goals for the year ahead. Our employees’ creativity and collaborative spirit came to fore during the Company-sponsored Trick or Treat event, in which children of our employees were treated with loot bags, film showing and magic show. We continued to support activities on information awareness, productivity, and other events organized by our employee associations.

Aside from these internal activities for and by InLifers, we have also trained our sights in helping the organization face the future with anticipation, fully aware that there will be brand new challenges lurking ahead.

We know that facing these challenges will require us to cultivate and acquire brand-new skillsets and fresh competencies and because of this, we have strengthened our bench by onboarding several C-Level executives.

Thus, we hired C-level executives for the positions of Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Bancassurance Executive, Chief Information Security Officer, Head for Innovation and a new Human Resource Division (HRD) Head.

In 2017, we also began our annual participation in an industry survey to better gauge if the employee compensation package and benefits we offer are at par with the local market. The survey also deepens our insights into the talent marketplace and keeps us abreast of the best HR practices.

“We believe in creating the conditions in which our employees can offer their capability and full potential to serve our policyholders better and help InLife sustain its success.”

Rewarding Performance

The Company provides comprehensive and industry-competitive benefits and packages to all employees. On top of these, it also affords its employees variable bonuses which are determined by Management upon attainment of the yearly Corporate Performance Index. It is likewise the policy of the Company to reward and compensate performance beyond short-term performance measures. It has programs such as housing loans, higher education scholarships, service rewards, and retirement benefits.

“InLife considers the pride, passion, and commitment our people contribute to our success.“

Promoting Wellness at the Workplace

We continuously espouse a culture where wellness, health and safety are of paramount importance. This is why we actively support sports tournaments, organize fitness classes, and regularly promote health, safety, and welfare initiatives in our various offices. We also held a month long wellness campaign – called Healthy Month Celebration – which included activities on proper diet, financial planning, physical exercises, and positive thinking and attitude

Talent Development

Senior officers attended an annual strategic planning conference and Corporate Governance Seminar. We also provide regular trainings for technical and professional development. For Key Executives, Inlife follows the Executive Development Program while other employees are provided with trainings and other technical skills development courses depending on the requirements of their functions.

Sparking Volunteerism

We have a workforce that is 800-strong nationwide, almost 70 percent of whom are under 40 years old.

In order to be the employer of choice, InLife must offer more than competitive compensation and benefits. This is why engaging our InLifers to be a “force for good” involves providing non-tangible benefits such as sharing our core values and engaging them in community outreach activities through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm, the Insular Foundation.

We also allow, and in fact, encourage our employees to join and take part in industry or other professional organizations as this will further hone their interpersonal skills, widen their network among peers, and help them take charge of their own personal and professional growth.

InLife considers the pride, passion, and commitment our people contribute to our success. This is why we focus on delivering an employee experience where InLifers feel strongly connected to the organization and are able to do what they do best each day.

While we are increasingly facing competition for talent and other external threats, these challenges only further embolden us to pursue our ambition to be a great place to work in. In the coming years, we plan to unveil a program that rewards positive employee behaviors instead of using traditional rewards metrics such as employee attendance. We will also embark on initiatives that will further spark innovation in our workplace.

Name of InLife Employee Designation and Organization
Maria Teresa L. Cruz President, IT Interaction Philippines, Inc.
Atty. Renato S. De Jesus Ethics Committee Chairman, Philippine Life Insurance Association, Inc. (PLIA)
Mylene C. Padilla Member, Finance & Investment Committee, Philippine Life Insurance Association, Inc. (PLIA)
Enrico L. Cordoba Member, Asean Free Trade Agreement Committee, Philippine Life Insurance Association, Inc. (PLIA)
Diana Rose A. Tagra Member, Medical Information Database Committee, Philippine Life Insurance Association, Inc. (PLIA)
Jesselyn V. Ocampo Vice President, Actuarial Society of the Philippines
Dr. Elanor G. Tañada Board Member, Philippine Society of Insurance Medicine
Ana Maria R. Soriano Education Committee Member, League of Corporate Foundations
Tricci Rose A. Sadian Company Representative, Sports & Social Committee, Philippine Life Insurance Association, Inc. (PLIA)
Dr. Vilma A. Gorgonia Treasurer, Philippine Society of Insurance Medicine
Lisa Marie D. Agranzamendez Member, Education Committee, Philippine Life Insurance Association, Inc. (PLIA)
Gerald B. Kim Company Representative, Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Team, Philippine Life Insurance Association, Inc. (PLIA)
Maria Louisa T. Penuliar Board Member, Home Office Life Underwriters Association of the Philippines (HOLUAP)
Mia L. Gonzales Secretary, Association of Service Professionals in Life Insurance (ASPLI)

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