Report of the Corporate Governance

Report of the Corporate Governance

Insular Life supports the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

“For us at InLife, the starting point is always our sense of purpose and stewardship... we help in developing the local economy and our communities and continually look for ways to offer people life chances; looking after them, first, as our fellow countrymen, and second, as part-company owners, but never as mere consumers. And we are here to stay, to do our part in building what we believe constitute well-being in the 21st Century: prosperity enabled by technology, social inclusion, the continued empowerment of women, and environmental sustainability. This is the very essence of what we mean when we say A Lifetime for Good. The strength and reliability of our Corporate Governance structure makes all these possible.”

- Nina D. Aguas, InLife Executive Chairperson, during the 2019 ICD Golden Arrow Awards

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