InLife Sheroes Program Report

Advocating the Empowerment of Filipino Women

Advocating the Empowerment of Filipino Women

Insular Life supports the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

The commitment to the welfare of the Filipina continues even more as the country reeled from the effects of the pandemic. In 2020, Insular Life’s InLife Sheroes Program doubled on its efforts to reach out to more Filipino women to encourage and inspire them so that they can thrive even in difficult situations.

Through a robust partnership with like-minded organizations and with the digital channels opening access to more women, InLife Sheroes’ target of affecting 1 million lives by 2022 became a reality, two full years ahead of schedule.

The program recorded 3.26 million Filipino women who have benefited from the program’s various activities such as awareness campaigns and financial literacy, health and wellness activities. These were delivered face-to-face (at the beginning of the year) and digital when the pandemic struck.

To date, InLife Sheroes has produced 24 videos on health and wellness, seven on financial literacy, and various other digital content. Several webinars were also conducted throughout the year, even when the country is on community lockdown, to provide information and other relevant data that Filipino women can use to help navigate their way through the pandemic.

Another focus area of the program is to provide women-specific solutions. This is an important element of InLife Sheroes because women have needs that are unique to them, even in the financial and health products that are marketed to their segment.

Women-specific products such as SheCares with Diabetes Cover and several Insular Health Care (IHC) prepaid cards reached the market, enabling the program to truly cater to the women sector.

There are several products in the pipeline for 2021 which will further enhance the program’s usefulness in advancing women empowerment.

All these efforts were likewise recognized both here and abroad.

At the 55th Anvil Awards, the InLife Sheroes Movement: The Filipina Will was awarded with the Gold Anvil for excellence in this pioneering program.

Online magazine Business Insider cited Nina D. Aguas, InLife Executive Chairperson, for her role in promoting financial inclusion for Filipino women.

The International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, featured InLife Sheroes’ Program Director Ms. Noemi Azura in their CEO Diary for the success of Sheroes program. This video interview, which appeared on their Facebook page and other social media, have been watched by 1.6 million viewers worldwide.

What first began as a dream to empower Filipino women, has now become a reality. The difficulties encountered in 2020 were but small bumps toward the fulfillment of a just and beautiful cause.

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